Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Kea Milling Plant in Murrieta, California

It was a late Sunday night, a full supermoon began to emerge from the distant hills of Murrieta, California. The cool summer breeze was present with a hint of wheat aroma. Urban graffiti was sprawled across every corner of this eerie building. A hot burst of air made it self present that night, though nobody was concerned. Eyes wandered more into a picture of what this mill used to represent. Strange noises began to manifest as you can hear the past sawing and milling that use to happen.

The Kea Milling Plant was family owned and the myth that surrounds the mill is, A family consisting of five ran a small shopkeep next to the mill and managed the mill itself. The father overlooked most of the operations, though he became distant in the following years, eventually disconnecting himself from reality. No sickness was ever diagnosed with the father, it just seemed as if he had become possessed or driven by a supernatural divinity. The children and mother looked after their beloved father.

Picture of The Kea Milling Plant
Photo credit: Paranormalfindings Tumblr

One night on a night like this supermoon present, the father grabbed his shotgun he used for protection. Grabbed multiple shells and began to randomly shoot his family one by one. And when everyone was killed a unexplained fire manifested itself as if it was from hell, burning down the shopkeep and part of the mill. Killing instantly the father as he tried to make an exit after.

Though you can possibly hear the wailing and crying of each family member in the summer breeze, their spirits wander the mill, in hopes of redemption of someone possibly crossing them into the light. It is said to been reported a small girl child manifesting itself at the second floor window from the mill stairs. And if you catch the glimpse of this child, sadness overcomes you and you get extremely sad.

The Kea Milling Plant was boarded up with cement doors to prevent any entry. Many still visit the plant and squander around in hopes of any manifestations of ghosts. Though the spirits linger, we wish those spirits to be left undisturbed and helped crossed into the light for peace.


  1. I'm thinking about going to this place sometime. The only thing that bothers me is that it's kind of in the middle of no where. Or at least, as close to the-middle-of-nowhere as you might get in that area. I always feel uncomfortable when I'm in places with not many people or houses. I need more information about this place before I go, so if anybody has any, please make it available.

    1. It's actually not far from Old Town Murrieta. I went there the night that I'm typing this. To get there, you have to go through a neighborhood of old, crummy houses. There's a dirt road that branches off one of the streets. It leads to the mill, though the mill is surrounded by a fence. I didn't go in. I drove my car by it and got out of there because it was pretty sketchy. Hope this helps.

  2. planning to go check it out some time soon but kinda too freaked to go alone if anyone has been inside the mill was it as scary as its portrayed as?

  3. To view the Mill go to Washington and Clay St. The Mill may be seen from a distance so it is not difficult to find. Dont know where you got this story from but there are no police records of this incident. There is a legend about a 15- to 17-year-old apparition who guards the building. As the legend goes, the girl wears a blue dress, has medium-brown shoulder-length hair, and resides on the ledge of the second window. People in the area have said you can hear her crying.

  4. i whent to the mill and it was old ovie

  5. went inside it was very spooky especially at night. would recommend to ghost hunt or take evps. GOOD LUCK!

  6. I knew nothing about this place, but I was driving in the area today and a crazy feeling overtook me as I passed the tower. So I googled it and found this information. Very spooky

  7. I am trying to fined more about it.Me and my friends wont to go so bad.

  8. I can vouch for the little girl that watches from the window me and my friend were doing a photoshoot over there and we both kept looking one....i the same window i asked her uf she kept looking there and she said yes we both saw someone peeking their head in and out watching us from the eerie...also as soon as i stepped onto the field/ land the mill was on I began feeling panic and anxiety i was fine the second before when i was on the street