Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Harvey Barstow Haunted Ghost Tour

A shadow lingered around the corner of my eye as I began to approach the railroad depot, I felt hot wind touch my face. I was later greeted by a cold draft upon entering the front door. As if someone was running out the front door spirit-wise.What once served weary rail passengers for over 100 years, the Casa del Desierto (House of the Desert) sits along the Santa Fe Transcontinental line. Once abandoned, this great structure played a key role in the history of not only the Barstow area, but also the West. Originally constructed in 1885, the Harvey House Railroad Depot in Barstow consisted of a wooden depot, restaurant, and hotel that later burned in 1908.

Three well-known spirits that are known to make frequent appearances at the railroad depot. Rachel, Emily and Buchanan are permanent guests of the Harvey House. You will see Rachel on the balcony of the Harvey House as she waits for her fiancé to return from the war, she committed suicide when he never returned. Emily will play peek-a-boo on the staircase in the lobby and follow you around upstairs. If you smell smoke, Buchanan is near, as he was crushed between two rail cars in the yard. His last requests before his death was to see his family and for a cigarette.

The only experience that was chilling to me was the smell of the smoke, when nobody around us was even smoking. I was standing near the waiting area, impatient I began to shuffle around and try to gain composure, seeing that I was extremely nervous and nauseated at this point. And that's when the smoke hit me, my nervousness activated spirit phenomena and smoke was manifested.
The night was a great experience. The Harvey House Railroad Depot is active with spiritual and paranormal activity.

The Haunted Morey Mansion In Redlands, California

It was a cool summer night, when I decided to drop by in Redlands to visit a relative. The smell of the orange groves, the citrus feel. I was informed of a beautiful mansion that was haunted in the local area. The mansion belonged to a couple named David and Sarah Morey who built the house in 1890 from the profits in the citrus industry. After the couple started to live inside the house, Sarah mysteriously died of a sudden illness causing David to distance himself from the mansion him and his wife built. David fell into a deep alcoholism and moved into the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego. Within a year he had committed suicide and was found hanging in his room.

In attempt to investigate the grounds of the Morey Mansion, no calls were ever returned to me. After several tries, I gave up trying to gain access to investigate the mansion. But it didn't stop me from visiting the house on another night, taking front pictures, in hopes of trying to get some evidence. No luck though. An investigation at this house would be great. Just wish I would of had some luck trying to gain access.

On several occasions many guests have reported paranormal activity, from hearing objects falling and loud bangs in other rooms, without finding any reason, to having door knobs rattling in the middle of the night. There are also reports that doors will open and close, and the sound of children can be heard playing. This lmansion was once a bed and breakfast, but it is now under private ownership. Many of the guests to the Bed and Bread complained to the then owners of several apparitions including a little girl, an old man, who was once a caretaker for the mansion and a young boy have been seen, and although most sightings seemed friendly in nature they still scarred off a lot of the clientele. The Morey Mansion is another one of Redlands more famous estates. It is widely considered to be one of the more beautiful homes in Redlands.

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Most Haunted Prison In America Moundsville Prison

Upon entering West Virgina State Penitentiary, it's stone structure is rigous and you can feel the stale air enter your lungs as you begin to cough the negativity that is spread throughout the penitentiary. With its violent past, deplorable conditions and two major riots, the Penitentiary is a popular destination for those who study paranormal activity. Some claim that the prison is plagued with what is called, residual haunting, which are defined as a replay of a tragic event from the past.

There is a haunting that is especially frightening that occurs within the walls of the Moundsville Prison in West Virginia. This spirit is commonly referred to as the “Shadow Man”. This is because he most often lurks in the midst of the shadows that cast their shade among the halls and cells in the structure. In addition to this, it is said that there are no visible features to witnesses of this ghostly apparition. He seems to be composed

entirely of dark, ominous shadow that is highly intimidating to those that lay eyes on him. It is not known who this being may be. Many believe it may be a guard that kept check on cells in life, and then there are others who believe that this may be an inmate, trying to find his way out of the darkness that his soul is lost in.

The Moundsville Prison in West Virginia is considered to be one of the most haunted prisons in all of the United States today. If you enjoy ghost hunting, and love visiting places full of historical events, this haunted prison is sure to be one of the most exciting experiences you will ever have! If you visit this prison maybe you'll be the next one with a story to tell!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Abandoned Naval Academy In Lake Elsinore, CA

In the town of Lake Elsinore California, nestled against the Ortega mountains, sits a building that was built in the 1920's as a country club, but has seen several changes over the years. It was also rumored that Bela Lugosi Jr attended the naval academy. It was also a bible college when the doors closed. Then in the coming years the rumors of ghosts began to hatch. Tales of lights and noises and figures walking cross the yard in the middle of the night. I made a quick trip to the building, after getting permission from the grounds keepers to investigate the property. I quickly sat out with all my gadgets that are required to contact the spirits. Upon entering the building we made it a point to get ourselves familiar with the grounds, and let me say this place is adventurous to a paranormal team. 

I started filming in night vision and doing some evp work. I heard a very clear voice of a man what sounded like kicking rocks and mumbling. But when we charged the sound we found nothing, in the basement i was pulled back while walking than my arm was grabbed, and one of the cameras I had recording mysteriously fell off the shelve. Some of the evps revealed a woman communication with me, when I said "You don't have to be afraid of me." The female spirit replied " I know ".

On the second part of my investigation I was in a large room where there were two big fireplaces on either side of the room. I heard a large bang on one of the boarded up doors, and I began feeling very light headed almost nauseous. 

The image of the front of the functioning naval academy in the 1920's

The second image is of the naval academy in its modern state 2013.

How To Spiritually Protect Yourself

To Everyone Seeking Spiritual Protection (Creating Awareness)
You can direct your energy and attention toward trying to fix your mind, find your focus, affirm your power, free your emotions and visualize positive outcomes. Developing the confidence to display the courage to discover the determination to make the commitment to feel more positive and motivated to do what it is you need to do.

Spiritual Protection is something that everyone should know how to do, regardless of strict mind set that you are in. It encompasses far more than just ghosts & spirits too

Crystals and Gemstones

Certain crystals and stones also carry protective properties. Here is a short list of the most common ones: agate, amber, amethyst, black onyx, citrine, coral, emerald, garnet, obsidian, ruby, tourmaline, opal, clear crystal quartz.

You can charge your gemstones and either carry them with you, place them around your home. You can also purchase jewelry that contains stones with the properties you want, and wear them. Whatever fits comfortable to your surroundings to ensure your positive outcomes.

Clearing Your Home of Negative Energy

Eliminating clutter, broken items, and junk from each room of your house will make the house itself feel lighter and you will too. Even though we are past the first day of spring, it is still a great time to pick up and clean up your home. I spent the day clearing items from my home and was able to remove many items throughout the day.

 White Light Protection

One of the most important aspects of spiritual protection is "white light" protection. It's very simple to do, and maybe you've even read about it or done it without knowing it. It's very effective at removing and preventing negative energy from harming you. To do this, just visualize an egg-shaped sphere of brilliant white light completely surrounding you, from head to toe. Really focus on seeing it clearly in your mind, and keep building it up so it's SUPER bright and glowing. See it as a solid barrier of protection that negativity cannot cross. If you wish, you can also say a prayer of protection while doing this. You don't have to get fancy with the wording. Say something like, "Good Spirits/God please surround me with a sphere of powerful, brilliant white light. Send the Archangels to protect me from all harm, and please send my Spirit Guides to guide me, guard me and keep away all negative influences."

Angels and Spirit Guides

You can also ask for protection from your Angels and Guides. That is what they are there for. Each of us is "assigned" certain angels and guides before we are born. Their "job" is to protect us, comfort and guide us, and to work with us in living our most productive life possible here on earth. Have a clear mind and remember that they cannot interfere with our free will. We must invite their help if we want it. You can ask for their protection on a daily basis for general purposes, or you can ask when you have an immediate need for protection. But keep in mind that although they are "assigned" to us. Angels and Spirits are not subjected to your own personal slavery. They help us because they want to and always oversee the positive self-development you are creating. Respect and gratitude should always be the context in which you request and not demand their assistance.

Scary Ghost Pictures

You are double checking the image you have just taken of your friend. And there is a crazy effect that developed when the pictures were being made. Some people dismiss these effects and not realize they might have the next ghost picture with them.

Ghost Pictures? Is it paranormal phenomena? Experts and scientists are always on the look out for great authentic evidence. Normally, nobody can explain these supernatural occurrences or some can they just cannot provide information. Dark shadowy presences are always present in any occasion wither it is daylight or sunlight.

Ghost pictures involve a variety of forms shapes, sizes, color, the occurrences that happen when you take a specific picture, you might just get that drawn energy and get positive results. For instance, Orb pictures presented here illuminate across rooms or stay in one specific spot and have a layers of auras.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Haunted Alcatraz

Visiting Alcatraz stepping foot onto the island sent chills up my spine. I started to wonder off with a tour group and straddled along a steep terrain on the island. When we began to step inside the facility itself, I got spooked and instantly jumped, when I felt a strong cold breeze shoot by me. And on my past experiences with these type of paranormal activity. I instantly knew some spirit has acknowledge my presence.

This island has many layers of history and once was a fort, a military prison, a federal penitentiary and then seized and occupied by Native Americans who retook the island in 1969. The layers of history and intense emotion make this place the #1 most haunted spot in San Francisco. People hear voices, walking, cells slamming and there is a supposed evil presence in Block D of the main prison house. Many cold spots can be felt in the mess hall. Other odd events experienced over the years include guards smelling smoke, but finding no fire; sounds of unexplained crying and moaning; unexplained cold spots in areas of the prison and claims of seeing ghosts of prisoners or military personnel.

But the story of Al Capone Ghost is what fascinated me the most, Al Capone, who spent his last years at Alcatraz with his health in decline from untreated syphilis, took up playing the banjo with a prison band. Fearing he would be killed if he spent his recreational time in the "yard," Capone received permission to spend recreation time practicing his banjo in the shower room. In recent years, a park ranger claimed he heard banjo music coming from the shower room. Not familiar with the history of Alcatraz, the ranger could not find a reason for the sound and documented the strange event. Other visitors and employees have reported hearing the sound of a banjo coming from the prison walls.