Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Japanese Haunted Hospital Investigation

A man set out to find out the real truth about a haunted hospital that was investigated in the past, that had chilling evidence of ghosts. The man was determined to find out the truth, but he got more than just the truth. The video is shot at a location, where supposed paranormal activity seemed to be active and high in presence. A young female reporter is reporting the scene of the haunted hospital, where the man himself reviews the video online. Which viewing the video online has a disclaimer saying it has driven some of it's viewers to insanity, if they saw a red creature.

With the man reviewing the piece of evidence that was recorded that day, he sees where the reporter freaks out mentioning she saw someone in the mirror, terrified and wanting to get out. They describe the figure in the mirror as a nurse, that possibly could of been working at the hospital prior to it's abandonment. Further investigation, the man makes phone calls, to local t.v stations asking if this program was shot nearby and if anybody had any information leading up to the recording. Nobody gave the man a solid answer, leaving him to interview the victims that visited that haunted house, the only people he sought out to seek the truth from. The first victim agrees to be video taped and shown the evidence, that the reporter that went inside the haunted hospital retrieved his camera. The man investigating asks the victim if he remembers anything, than suddenly he starts throwing up. And the interview is cut short, another vicitim was confronted and was asked to be interviewed but he declined to be video taped. Making the investigator take a hidden camera, he tries to get some answers out of the last victim, but the victim bluntly refuses to make any chit-chat about the incident. At his last minute interviewing the victim, mad and disgruntled he throws a video tape to the man investigating. And asks him to view for himself, unedited version of what happened that night.

He reviews the unedited tape, where he recognizes the reporter woman terrified cause she had seen a nurse in the mirror, but the tapes reveals much more. As the camera men start to get terrified themselves, they find further down the hall more empty rooms, with people eerily speaking in them. One of the camera men pans and turns around to a mirror and sees a surgery go on with 3 ghosts on the operating table, confused and bewildered he pans to the spot where the surgery is being preformed and pans back to the mirror to see them there. He does this 2 times before another gruesome discovery was found, something along the lines of a ectoplasmic mutant figure appears, and that is where supposedly the reporter woman, was found dead jumping off the hospital building where she was reporting to be haunted.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Blackstar Canyon Haunted

Going up the trail of Blackstar Canyon, you begin to hear disembodied voices and strange growls. You are almost towards the end of the trail, when the activity starts to pick up and you hear rustling in bushes. Thinking nothing of the rustling you begin to hike faster and hum until you see a shadowy figure at the end. Startled and panicking, you heart begins to race faster, knowing this canyon has been crowned haunted.

Blackstar Canyon is a remote mountain canyon in mountains of Santa Ana Mountains. Ancient artifacts of Indians have been found in this area, but multiple Indian massacres dating back to a Spanish occupancy took place in this canyon during early 1800s. Strange phenomena has been reported by local hikers and paranormal investigators. Ghostly sightings of Indians roaming the ridges and walking the creek have been spotted, but never confirmed through photographic evidence. Strange gusts of wind during eerie silences while hiking has been experienced as possible paranormal activity of Indians riding on horseback and riding past the physical world. Uncomfortable feelings of being watched and screams have been recorded as well.A dark past for Blackstar Canyon also follows, with kidnappings and beatings that took place outskirts of the canyon.

No Trespassing signs cover some of the trails on the canyon, but the canyon is open to the public to hike. Precaution signs also make their presence, one states " No emergency help will be provided after this point." The seriousness of how no help will be provided once you step over that point. The land is sometimes patrolled by locals who want to give out of townees a hard time, claiming to be trespassing on private land. Just remember the access road to Blackstar Canyon is open to the public to hike and venture. Any threats or personal attacks can be reported.

We have two individuals are traveling towards Blackstar Canyon to capture some intriguing evidence of wither or not Blackstar Canyon is haunted or night. Night is approaching and being a full moon on the day, both these individuals decide to travel. Blackstar Canyon has to be spooky on a full moon. Approaching the gate of the canyon, you can already start to hear the howls of the wind. Entering, they begin to hike a small trail that leads up to a whole lot of bricks that were spread, that had lighting candles around. As if someone was previously there doing a ritual of some sort. They encounter a small figuer woman, who is mysteriously walking up the same hiking trail. She stops right in front of the camera man, looking disgruntled and bewildered asking for her bag. Both camera man and other woman start to get spooked out and decide to start heading back to the car. Almost towards the car, they find the women's bag and discover a small facemask. And that is where the trouble starts.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Colorado Street Bridge Los Angeles, California ( Suicide Bridge )

Built in 1913 and nearing the year 2013 it would be the 100th year anniversary mark of this bridge. Since than over 100 individuals have leaped to death on this bridge. Strange apparitions have been seen driving on the bridge. Hooded figures mainly and dark apparitions flagging down cars while leaping, and one woman in white gown spotted at the end of the bridge.

The bridge before it was complete seemed to been cursed since the beginning. It is said that one of the workers on the bridge had feel over, head first into the wet concrete below. Co-workers thinking he cannot be saved in time, watched his lifeless body lay in the concrete hours before any real help arrived. His ghost haunts this bridge eerily.

Though the bridge was closed 1989 due to the Loma Prieta earthquake that rattled southern California. It took a great time of fixing and federal money to reopen in 1993. Since it's reopening with it's original design suicide rails where also implemented to cease the action of taking ones life.

Two brave individuals ghost hunting adventure towards Colorado Street Bridge managed to get great evp evidence and visuals of the bridge. Nearing towards their end of the day, they managed to climb below the bridge and see above how scary it'd been if someone was to leap off. More evidence that this haunted bridge deserves it's respect.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Horse Thief Canyon Road Corona, California

Setting out on a spooky haunt, managed to get directions to a road that leads up to a trail. Reports of individuals locally explained the eye burning sensation, dizziness and feeling of being tugged into wooded areas. Where in these wooded areas you see floating apparitions and orbs. Alone and scared, I almost wanted to get out of there quickly. But I managed somehow to grab some courage and at least see for my self what was the hype.

Walking up towards the trail, I hear already crunching noises coming from bushes. Very heavy crunching noises, my first thought might of been wild dogs. But I shined my light onto the specific place where I heard these noises, and found nothing. Trailing up I did feel dizzy and uneasy, a few seconds into resting I heard jogging foot-steps. Jogging of course is rare going up this trail, but without flashlight or group to accompany you. What are you going to think? I am near end of driving myself crazy, I saw nobody jogging towards me.

So uneasy and very distracted, I started heading back to my car with surprises along the way, with black apparitions going vertically fast back and forth. Tried my best to catch some pictures, but only to have my full battery camera drained. Hot spots for paranormal activity feeding off energy from electronic devices to manifest themselves is common. But it didn't stop there the cold bursts of air in the middle of hot summer is what surprised me the most.

Cold spots are known for paranormal activity to be manifesting around you or near your energy position. Sometimes draining your energy to get a sense of comfort, creating zones for ghosts to pass through or manifest for a short period of time. I was certainly spooked and by myself, crazy indeed. But I do want to share this with all of you, going in groups or with another person is key to safety. My night ended horribly without concrete evidence that Horse Thief Canyon Road might be haunted.

Gypsy Ghost Recorded

Two young men traveling to a unknown gypsy burial ground, stumble upon a great recording of a class A evp recording. They are managing through forest shrub and cut down a few weeds. The two men are talking to each other and telling themselves to be quiet. When both men returned to their homes, the video was reviewed and after almost giving up. The young men have results, and those results turned out to be another voice from the other side.

Both men tried to decipher what seems to be a male spirit talking to them. They reached out to the community on youtube to see if anybody with paranormal ears can catch the phrase. So the spirit voice caught on the recording says " Take a picture over there. " Myself reviewing this piece of evidence cannot decipher at all what this male spirit is saying. Maybe you can help me?

Solo Ghost Hunter Ghost Box Session

A young man that goes by the nick name Solo Ghost Hunter visits Hatley Memorial Gardens Cemetery, Victoria B.C. 12am Januarary 29th 2012, He conducts a ghost box session. A popular trend amoung paranormal investigators. Without going much into detail about the ghost box, which we will talk in another post. Conducting several questions, He manages to get intelligent reponses back.

The questions follow ( SGH being the investigator asking questions )

Are there ghosts here? 

Spirits answer Yes

How many people are here?

Spirits answer Guess!?

Is time the same as it is in my plane of existance, once you die is time the same?

Spirits answer Faster.

Does time differ after you leave your body, from the phsyical life?

Spirits answer More Fun.

Spirits shout Paul

SGH reponds and asks if one of the spirits is named Paul

Spirits respond Yes.

Solo Ghost Hunter than proceeds to change frequences to hear better reponses on his ghost box.

SGH asks

Do humans have anything to fear this year, being that it's 2012

Spirits answer shield.

Having previous experience in the ghost box field, this man managed very well in this session. And wanted to get intelligent answers out of his questions. But the questions seemed a far bit revealing than what normal spirits respond too. Many think the static of the am/fm sweep on the radio is what generates segments of radio, manifesting through the ghost box is fake. But many remain unclear to how these ghost boxes manage to answer intelligently controlled questions. Only someone psychically can. 

Confederate Ghost

Tourist visiting a confederate cemetery near Carnton Mansion in Franklin, Tennessee. Looming over the grave the man seems to be obsevering the gravestones. Upon doing this the man in the photo just asks for his picture taken, just out of respect and his admiration for the fallen Confederate soldiers.

The tourist unknown to the fact, he might of snapped a regular picture. Caught a confederate soldier on the corner of the picture. Looks to have manifested itself with the man energy looking over the gravestone. The confederate soldier almost looks as if he turned to the photographer, when he took this picture. Creepy enough for you? The picture has been reviewed by experts only to find the picture has a strange anomaly which is the soldier in the corner.

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery

The Bachelor's Grove Cemetery in Midlothian, IL. It's the end of a scary night boozing and speeding on the highway. A man stops to do his business on the side of the road. When suddenly his car begins to turn off and on mysteriously by itself. He notices the cemetery with several shadows lurking hoping he'd get some help with his car. A bad feeling starts to overcome his body, as he sees black-robed individuals in a occult ritual happening before his eyes. Scared to death he leaves his car behind never to be heard from again, until years later.

Bachelor Grove Cemetery has been prone to also orb activity, orb activity that seemed intelligent. Intelligent enough to drive away physical human beings away from where they were not suppose to be. But in 1991 Ghost Research Society decided to do some research from these tall tales. Taking pictures, recording evidence, they have found one of the most clear images of ghostly presence ever recorded on their team.

The Ghost Research Society decided to take a infrared picture of a checkered waiting gravestone, to have discovered a woman giving a distant gaze into the wild, with her feet almost translucent to the ground. A human-like ghostly figure with womanly hair and a slight hint of her nose but no ears or eyes. It certainly gave me the chills down my spine and almost didn't want to go to sleep once I saw the picture.

The picture Google search provided for us, when we did our research on the woman sitting on the checkered waiting chair. Spooky!

Most Haunted Place Visited The Most

Group of friends gathering around you, egging you on " Chicken!! " they yell. You manage to gut up and jump over the cemetery fence, with the rest of your friends behind you. Gathering around a unknown marked gravestone. Looks old and grimy, beginning to get a uneasy feeling, your guts begin to turn and twist. As one of your'e other friends begin to join in on a prank that just screws with your mind. Friends begin to start getting serious, as some of them began to hear unfriendly voices. Spooked out of your mind, you run out of that place without turning back.

Old cemeteries have lots of folklore surround the place of rest for the dead, our night-time is their day-time and our day-time is their night-time, so it goes. Respectfully, do not wish for anybody to just wreck anybodies grave-site just because. Lots of people see cemeteries as a place of resting for the dead, not to mess spiritually or psychically at any time. 

Venturing out at cemeteries during the night, seems to be pretty spooky and eerie. Everything around a cemetery is based off energy. Even if energy is emitted through plants and animal life, this is what creates this peaceful or eerie environment. I took my voice recorder once to a local cemetery near dawn, I sat down under a willow tree and several graves where around. My voice recorder picked up children playing in the background. When children were not present at the time. Results are astonishing and speechless.

With personal result and experience I claim the most haunted place visited the most would be cemeteries.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Shadow People Corner Of Eye

You are walking around your house, you are getting much of the work done. Until you see from the corner of your eye the shadow or shadow people. Scared and disbelief from what you are seeing, you decide to investigate yourself and get closure online thinking other people must have this same feeling. And yes thousands of people experience these shadow people on the daily bases. While some people are scared to share this experience, many stay curious to why we see certain things that psychically are not there.

Shadow people or shadow orbs are seen at someone's peek energy emitting throughout the house or certain place that holds activity. Though some reports online claim to have seen full body shadow figures, other shadow people are described as small orbs floating.

My encounter with shadow people scared me the first time, I was cleaning around the house, cranking up the tunes. When suddenly I turn quickly around to grab something I forgot and a shadow appeared out of no where, I thought someone had broken into the house.

Shadow people or shadow orbs are described as harmless, they move at such a fast pace. We manage to see their paralleled world with psychical world for a brief moment, thus seeing them corner of our eyes. But in rare cases, demon-like instances have taken place. Where someone might be sick/ill and a shadow spirit might want to posses you temporarily lurking over you.

If you have uneasy feelings about what might be troubling you seeing these types of paranormal activity. Find yourself connected and find peace within yourself. And control any urges to be dark or be hateful. A positive environment is key to a healthy mind and soul.

A image of a shadow figure with a tall hat, taken by a cellphone device.

Moment Of Silence For Fallen 9/11 Victims

Today marks the 11th anniversary of the deadly attacks that occurred on American soil. In the cold morning of September 11th, 2001 numerous reports of hi-jacked planes have been reported, The first place shocked the world as it flew into the World Trade Towers. Hours after another plane hit the opposite side of the World Trade Tower. This event turned tragic, when having seen both Twin Towers collapse before everyone's eyes. And have everyone run to safety as debris began to infest the area.

We remember this day and send grievances to every individual all over the world. Knowing thousands and upon thousands lives were lost to this tragic event. America has been a stronger country over these past eleven years, this year marks another key reminder what tragic events might unfold, if we are not aware of our surroundings.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Best Ghost Cases Ever Caught On Tape

In Hampton, New England the castle of King Henry The 8th has a history of being haunted, a strange ghostly apparition has been caught swinging open and closing doors. The event was caught on camera, the castle palace guards who reviewed to see nobody opening two closed doors, experienced the following day the same action happened. When the castle palace guards saw the security camera to have seen a skeleton figure opening and closing doors, in broad day light left them dumbfounded and clearly spooked.

Another case in the Lincoln County Courthouse in Charlotte, North Carolina recorded a ghostly figure with a notepad scribbling on a bench during the last hours of the day. While 5 people witnessed this even unfold live on the security camera. Shook up and scared security officials decided to walk inside the locked room to walk past the figure that seemed undisturbed. Night was setting and mysteriously the figure that was sitting on the bench vanished.

In Pauling, New York a grandmother 58-year old Rose was traveling down the highway. To have discovered a stray-dog in her path, she swerved missing the dog causing a near-fatal accident. A photographer Sharon Boo for the local fire department came to the scene and photographed the accident what seemed like a angel-like figure appeared on the photo. Rose was fine and walked away with minor scratches, and seemed to have thought she was being looked after. Difficult to fake, Sharon testified and said to have just took her photos to a regular photo-developing shop.

Colorado Springs, Colorado Steven Lee became weary when he had found his cabin messed with, furniture moved around and items displaced. He decided to set-up security cameras to possibly catch vandals in the act. But little did he know, he catches intriguing evidence of ghost-orb figures roaming the outside of his cabin and inside.

San Paulo, Brazil A young ten-year old boy with his camera catches a orb like figure hovering over his city, and begins to record the phenomena on tape. The orb like figure hovers over the city slowly and deliberate without a care in the world. Professors and scientists have tried to debunk this piece of evidence, only to have just started one of the most profound investigations ever started.

New Banner For Blog

Would like to make a quick mention to everyone that the blog has a new banner. Thanks to BannerSnack I was able to create this awesome banner with the text highlighting the blog. Took me sometime to manage but it is perfect. A personal accomplishment at the least, do not know what I'd do with the wonders of google's search engine for making banners.

This is hands down one of the best I have created. I will create more as I enhance my blog to look more suitable to what I am writing. Thanks again for everyone making efforts to come visit us and check our improvements.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Poltergiest's who are troublesome spirits can cause lots of psychological damage and fear. Poltergiest's manifest knocks, noises, human voices and in some cases petty psychical attacks. Nobody ever believes this type of ghost classification because of numerous pranks and computer graphic like technology we have now. But older tapes before the advanced technology we have now, prove different.

The cause is unknown only few cases have been documented in the world, the most popular notion people believe is demons that manifested through stress liked environments. Depending on the power of the poltergiest may range from blasts of cold air, odd sounds,  foul smells, up to levitation of items and psychical abuse.

Differing opinions about the nature of poltergeists, one thing is for sure they do exist. Whether poltergeists are paranormal entities or psychic forces, they continue to be one of the most popular and interesting paranormal investigation in ancient and recent history. What are they? Nobody knows exactly but it goes into The Mystery Of The Paranormal.

The video of poltergeist video involves a man coming home, finding his dog extremely disturbed under the bed. The man thinks nothing of it, and goes on recording with his camera trying to pull his dog under his bed. The dog later emerges out from the bed only for a brief moment after sensing something isn't right, and goes under the bed again. The man starts to hear strange noises coming from the attic and goes up the attic to investigate, when he investigates the attic he finds nothing that might of made noises. Calmly he goes down the attic stairs, when suddenly he hears another bang. Scared he goes up and sees once again nothing was moved, until a metal barrel weighing about 10-15 pounds moves by itself. Scared to bones he dashes out forgetting his camera upstairs. While the camera is still rolling the light flickers off and another object is thrown to the floor and light is again flickered off and on. Until the camera is moved to a certain spot than the camera runs out of battery.

Have You Ever Felt Like You Were Being Watched?

You are dark alone in a room, probably feeling alone, anxiety grows over you and you turn quickly to see something that isn't there. You feel it again but this time you feel goosebumps. When we are born into this earth we are born with a good spirit and bad spirit along our sides. You can say they are " Your little angel, Your little devil side." These two spirits are in your life daily and may intervene with special hidden messages. Possibly warning you of this gut enchanting feeling something bad is going to happen, or that moment where you feel your not suppose to do something that isn't right, but you end up doing it cause you felt right.

These beings are called your spiritual guides, your spiritual guide is the image of someone/something that has descended into a spiritual plane. That co-exists between the spiritual plane to help others or to give warnings. They can present themselves in dreams, special moments of someone trying to lift up your spirit. Disguised as humans or sometimes even animals.

But the other form of negativity of spiritual guide, maybe called Shadow people. That lurk in the corner of your eye. Watching you from afar what you are doing wrong, or coming in forms of small dark orbs. Hovering above your head or side of your head, watching your close move. These beings are reminders of the negativity you are about to commit or in the process of doing so. Basically the good and the bad, watch over everyone at times of our lives where we need most.


Psychics carry many features of telling you what you have going on in your life past,present, and future. Many psychic translators can be cold readers, just going off your emotions of how you react when they mention something similar to your case. Other true psychic are usually hidden from the world and manage to live a life of happiness and prosperity. While psychic that use their powers for gain to help those in need of going through a tough situation or clarity on closure of what happened with a certain someone.

Psychic abilities can be present in each and every one, some may not be aware of the power. Dormant sleepers of the psychic powers have yet to be awaken by something or someone. Other psychic's are born with these powers naturally, having insight of hidden information. In rare instances, psychics can have telekinetic powers using them for unknown reasons. Many psychics have been debunked in the past before, scientists like to pick on certain people and have controlled environments debunking fake psychics.

How can we possibly know we are psychic? Well ask yourself this, have you ever predicted a certain event that was about to happen? Possibly a death in your family? Or a winning that you might foresaw in a dream? Something along those guidelines relates to you in a psychic way. Most of us have not tapped into this power, simply because we do not believe. But believing is the first step into gaining insight into psychic powers.

Electronic Voice Phenomenon In Recording

Have you ever watched back one of your recordings on voice or video playback and just heard a strange voice you didn't know speak? Wouldn't it freak you out? Many people spend so much time focusing on parts of their lives without considering that they might have someone else present who isn't alive with them. Now with so many reality shows featuring ghost hunting and paranormal activity. It is hard to believe who and who is telling the truth.

But if you have any type if recording device may it be phone, camera, mp3 recorder, cassette recorders, anything that captures recording. Than you must concentrate on what type of  results you want to have, maybe having a quiet time duration of 5-10 minutes, asking questions waiting about 2-3 minutes afterwards. Do not worry if you do not receive results right away. Patience can get the best out of all us and make us quit. If you receive great results share with us.

Another video on youtube, has us rustling in our jammies trying not to get scared. This clip shares multiple people recording different times, receiving lots of results. The matter is serious and cannot be debunked at all. Even scientists have been lead to believe that voices of the other side exist through technology even through our own ears.

Possessed Dolls

The scary feeling of ever owning a possessed doll goes beyond our wildest imagination, with movies like Chucky  being created. Insinuating gestures of life on doll's is plain down right scary. Trauma is sure to occur growing up with dolls, some maybe creating a phobia around dolls. But doll's are just doll's in the end of the day or are they?

Youtube with the ventures of having seen possibly every possessed doll video out there, this is certainly one that caught the attention of the world wide web. Two young women in late teen's in Mexico are excited to show off a doll that been presented to one of the young ladies as a gift for a 15th birthday. The young woman decides to explain to the young woman recording that the doll is beautiful and been presented as a gift, showing appreciation of her doll. Until the unexpected happens, the girl recording tells the other girl holding the doll, something has happened, the doll unexpectedly turns around and faces the girl talking possessed like. We have ventured into the web and noticed that these type of dolls do not move at all.

If we had gotten some type of closure from the women, we would have testimony on the blog right away. But it seems as if these two women are unreachable, making this mobile video uncertain. But so many comments under the video claim it is so genuine, the reaction and if it was made purely for entertainment. They certainly got me scared off my boots!

Are Gnomes Real?

Storytellers all over the world share this famous story of small little men, working deep underground earth mobilizing to make earth function right. Gnomes known as earthmen roam the earth in spite of never being seen by the human eye, moving along living life, sounds like a fantasy right? There has been numerous reports all over the world ranging from Mexico and China to have seen these earthmen roam.

Sounds scary right? With this day of technology advancing with computer graphic's and profound story telling, we managed to review several gnome videos on Youtube that we found interesting. Several men in Argentina are gathering around each other playfully joking, while one man records the joke being played on another man. They hear a strange noise facing the side of where these men where located. One of the men, jokingly begins to scare the camera man filming and tells him "He didn't hear anything." The camera man begins to pan around to make sure nobody else in playing jokes, and figures his group are just rustling around to loudly. When suddenly they see something on the horizon, flashing a light on the object, they notice a pointy hat and a child-like figure moving side to side. The men get scared and begin to scream top of the lung. The image of the gnome being presented seem's so real. That I myself got so scared of the scene.

Real Ghost Girl

A man comes across extreme paranormal activity in his house, and seeks help from occultists outside of his own. Lead the man to believe that automatic-writing is a good idea to confront this spirit in his house, and demand some answers through it. Little did he know what he was going to encounter was going to fuel the spirit that is haunting his house to become violent and progressively more poltergiest like.

The man is writing down several question's on the piece of paper, common questions asking what the spirit wants and what is it doing in the house. Upon doing this something very unexpected happens, a cabinet door begins to swing open back and forth as if possessed, he makes his way into the kitchen where he tells his viewers, this isn't a gimmick. Making sure he passes his hand through the cabinet and debunking fake claims.

Little did he know, when he had left that piece of paper with that pen, the spirit had commenced it's personal agenda to make this man's life a living hell. The man notices scribbling and one word " DIE ". Sends chills down his spine and begins to pan around the room hearing more strange noises, where it cuts off and mysteriously turns off.

Provocation leading to what the man was doing was unbelievable, nobody in the right mind should do what he did. Unless a person of strong-minded like will and spirituality enforces some type of positive reinforcement. Than this would not be a situation you would like to be in.

Mysteries Of The Ouija Board

What makes people so curious about the other side of our physical plane, that makes them venture into playing with the Ouiji Board? Some seek the thrill, while other's seek to debunk the Ouija board scientifically. Police report's and personal eyewitnesses report Ouija board holds a supernatural or paranormal feeling thus making it eerie. Groups of teen's and young adults are prone to this activity, making it more intense with candle lighting rituals, chants and sometimes sacrifices of the unknown.

Ouija board channels spirits from the spiritual plane onto the physical, spirits of the good and bad manifest themselves through energy of the planchette ( The instrument that moves on board ) with other people touching it slightly. Once the planchette begins to move the energy between the people comes on the planchette and the spirit uses that energy to answer questions.

Upon discovering several videos on Youtube, we begin to see a group of young adults, asking several questions " What is your name " Lisa has been summoned through the lettering and suddenly the two people moving the planchette see it move by itself to the X. The two mildly react to what just happened and begin to give it another try, and again it happens to move by itself to the X. Leading to believe the camera man who is recording think  the two individual are joking around. But he see's for himself under the table and double checks around for gimmicks and none to be found.

These boards are also portals to other gateways to the unknown, leaving these portals open are prone to paranormal activity inside the house or person's life all around. And it becomes a stressful environment to live in, the scares of hearing things that are not there, the horrors of visualizations of hallucination that people might be present in the house. But the game is still being sold worldwide at stores, with no disclaimers of what dangers what may lie ahead, just in small lettering " Just for entertainment purposes only. "

Bad Entities That Feed Off Energy

Have you ever felt so lazy, lethargic, unable to accomplish your tasks? Have you felt so angry,sad or depressed at one point of the day? These might be ghosts or entities feeding off your energy. It is possible for these types of moods to come in play. Energy is stored into our bodies when we eat, play or do certain activities. Most cases bad ghosts or entities attach themselves onto humans to make themselves stronger and powerful.

For this type of action to happen, some maybe associated with paranormal activity that might of taken place at some point of a person's life. Thus, draining energy becoming violent or possibly even suicidal. For these types of feelings for bad ghost's or entities to detach themselves from person's. Positive activities are encouraged, social activities as well. Energy that is built up solely upon positiveness surrounding that certain activity causes the ghost or bad energy to not be involved in a person's life. These entities become stressed and not involved in negativity that might of been surrounding that person. Making those entities weak in the process.