Monday, July 15, 2013

The Most Haunted Prison In America Moundsville Prison

Upon entering West Virgina State Penitentiary, it's stone structure is rigous and you can feel the stale air enter your lungs as you begin to cough the negativity that is spread throughout the penitentiary. With its violent past, deplorable conditions and two major riots, the Penitentiary is a popular destination for those who study paranormal activity. Some claim that the prison is plagued with what is called, residual haunting, which are defined as a replay of a tragic event from the past.

There is a haunting that is especially frightening that occurs within the walls of the Moundsville Prison in West Virginia. This spirit is commonly referred to as the “Shadow Man”. This is because he most often lurks in the midst of the shadows that cast their shade among the halls and cells in the structure. In addition to this, it is said that there are no visible features to witnesses of this ghostly apparition. He seems to be composed

entirely of dark, ominous shadow that is highly intimidating to those that lay eyes on him. It is not known who this being may be. Many believe it may be a guard that kept check on cells in life, and then there are others who believe that this may be an inmate, trying to find his way out of the darkness that his soul is lost in.

The Moundsville Prison in West Virginia is considered to be one of the most haunted prisons in all of the United States today. If you enjoy ghost hunting, and love visiting places full of historical events, this haunted prison is sure to be one of the most exciting experiences you will ever have! If you visit this prison maybe you'll be the next one with a story to tell!

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