Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Harvey Barstow Haunted Ghost Tour

A shadow lingered around the corner of my eye as I began to approach the railroad depot, I felt hot wind touch my face. I was later greeted by a cold draft upon entering the front door. As if someone was running out the front door spirit-wise.What once served weary rail passengers for over 100 years, the Casa del Desierto (House of the Desert) sits along the Santa Fe Transcontinental line. Once abandoned, this great structure played a key role in the history of not only the Barstow area, but also the West. Originally constructed in 1885, the Harvey House Railroad Depot in Barstow consisted of a wooden depot, restaurant, and hotel that later burned in 1908.

Three well-known spirits that are known to make frequent appearances at the railroad depot. Rachel, Emily and Buchanan are permanent guests of the Harvey House. You will see Rachel on the balcony of the Harvey House as she waits for her fiancé to return from the war, she committed suicide when he never returned. Emily will play peek-a-boo on the staircase in the lobby and follow you around upstairs. If you smell smoke, Buchanan is near, as he was crushed between two rail cars in the yard. His last requests before his death was to see his family and for a cigarette.

The only experience that was chilling to me was the smell of the smoke, when nobody around us was even smoking. I was standing near the waiting area, impatient I began to shuffle around and try to gain composure, seeing that I was extremely nervous and nauseated at this point. And that's when the smoke hit me, my nervousness activated spirit phenomena and smoke was manifested.
The night was a great experience. The Harvey House Railroad Depot is active with spiritual and paranormal activity.

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