Monday, July 8, 2013

Abandoned Naval Academy In Lake Elsinore, CA

In the town of Lake Elsinore California, nestled against the Ortega mountains, sits a building that was built in the 1920's as a country club, but has seen several changes over the years. It was also rumored that Bela Lugosi Jr attended the naval academy. It was also a bible college when the doors closed. Then in the coming years the rumors of ghosts began to hatch. Tales of lights and noises and figures walking cross the yard in the middle of the night. I made a quick trip to the building, after getting permission from the grounds keepers to investigate the property. I quickly sat out with all my gadgets that are required to contact the spirits. Upon entering the building we made it a point to get ourselves familiar with the grounds, and let me say this place is adventurous to a paranormal team. 

I started filming in night vision and doing some evp work. I heard a very clear voice of a man what sounded like kicking rocks and mumbling. But when we charged the sound we found nothing, in the basement i was pulled back while walking than my arm was grabbed, and one of the cameras I had recording mysteriously fell off the shelve. Some of the evps revealed a woman communication with me, when I said "You don't have to be afraid of me." The female spirit replied " I know ".

On the second part of my investigation I was in a large room where there were two big fireplaces on either side of the room. I heard a large bang on one of the boarded up doors, and I began feeling very light headed almost nauseous. 

The image of the front of the functioning naval academy in the 1920's

The second image is of the naval academy in its modern state 2013.

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