Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Possessed Dolls

The scary feeling of ever owning a possessed doll goes beyond our wildest imagination, with movies like Chucky  being created. Insinuating gestures of life on doll's is plain down right scary. Trauma is sure to occur growing up with dolls, some maybe creating a phobia around dolls. But doll's are just doll's in the end of the day or are they?

Youtube with the ventures of having seen possibly every possessed doll video out there, this is certainly one that caught the attention of the world wide web. Two young women in late teen's in Mexico are excited to show off a doll that been presented to one of the young ladies as a gift for a 15th birthday. The young woman decides to explain to the young woman recording that the doll is beautiful and been presented as a gift, showing appreciation of her doll. Until the unexpected happens, the girl recording tells the other girl holding the doll, something has happened, the doll unexpectedly turns around and faces the girl talking possessed like. We have ventured into the web and noticed that these type of dolls do not move at all.

If we had gotten some type of closure from the women, we would have testimony on the blog right away. But it seems as if these two women are unreachable, making this mobile video uncertain. But so many comments under the video claim it is so genuine, the reaction and if it was made purely for entertainment. They certainly got me scared off my boots!

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