Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bad Entities That Feed Off Energy

Have you ever felt so lazy, lethargic, unable to accomplish your tasks? Have you felt so angry,sad or depressed at one point of the day? These might be ghosts or entities feeding off your energy. It is possible for these types of moods to come in play. Energy is stored into our bodies when we eat, play or do certain activities. Most cases bad ghosts or entities attach themselves onto humans to make themselves stronger and powerful.

For this type of action to happen, some maybe associated with paranormal activity that might of taken place at some point of a person's life. Thus, draining energy becoming violent or possibly even suicidal. For these types of feelings for bad ghost's or entities to detach themselves from person's. Positive activities are encouraged, social activities as well. Energy that is built up solely upon positiveness surrounding that certain activity causes the ghost or bad energy to not be involved in a person's life. These entities become stressed and not involved in negativity that might of been surrounding that person. Making those entities weak in the process.

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