Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Japanese Haunted Hospital Investigation

A man set out to find out the real truth about a haunted hospital that was investigated in the past, that had chilling evidence of ghosts. The man was determined to find out the truth, but he got more than just the truth. The video is shot at a location, where supposed paranormal activity seemed to be active and high in presence. A young female reporter is reporting the scene of the haunted hospital, where the man himself reviews the video online. Which viewing the video online has a disclaimer saying it has driven some of it's viewers to insanity, if they saw a red creature.

With the man reviewing the piece of evidence that was recorded that day, he sees where the reporter freaks out mentioning she saw someone in the mirror, terrified and wanting to get out. They describe the figure in the mirror as a nurse, that possibly could of been working at the hospital prior to it's abandonment. Further investigation, the man makes phone calls, to local t.v stations asking if this program was shot nearby and if anybody had any information leading up to the recording. Nobody gave the man a solid answer, leaving him to interview the victims that visited that haunted house, the only people he sought out to seek the truth from. The first victim agrees to be video taped and shown the evidence, that the reporter that went inside the haunted hospital retrieved his camera. The man investigating asks the victim if he remembers anything, than suddenly he starts throwing up. And the interview is cut short, another vicitim was confronted and was asked to be interviewed but he declined to be video taped. Making the investigator take a hidden camera, he tries to get some answers out of the last victim, but the victim bluntly refuses to make any chit-chat about the incident. At his last minute interviewing the victim, mad and disgruntled he throws a video tape to the man investigating. And asks him to view for himself, unedited version of what happened that night.

He reviews the unedited tape, where he recognizes the reporter woman terrified cause she had seen a nurse in the mirror, but the tapes reveals much more. As the camera men start to get terrified themselves, they find further down the hall more empty rooms, with people eerily speaking in them. One of the camera men pans and turns around to a mirror and sees a surgery go on with 3 ghosts on the operating table, confused and bewildered he pans to the spot where the surgery is being preformed and pans back to the mirror to see them there. He does this 2 times before another gruesome discovery was found, something along the lines of a ectoplasmic mutant figure appears, and that is where supposedly the reporter woman, was found dead jumping off the hospital building where she was reporting to be haunted.


  1. you should carry on with your stories they're really good

  2. The red thing you say? then take a look at this https://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn1/537015_235377689930474_1502297234_n.jpg

  3. Did anyone else notice the eyeless surgeon that seemed to be holding out the skinless thing?

  4. Actually I think he was holding a newborn baby?

  5. Yeah...well I'm a person who's very sensitive in nature to enegys and so on and I can tell you that I watched this video in 2013 and I was never the same since...shortly after I developed what was diagnosed as schizophrenia, at age 27...believe what you want...but this video is evil,whether you find the contents of it Scarry initially or not

    1. Ehrr... you know you can develop schizophrenia at any point in life right? The probability of the video causing it is not even a speck of shit in the ocean.

  6. The reporters scream is about the only thing that sends chills down my spine, but I'm still trying to figure out what exactly the red thing is, I know they say a premature baby, but it's so disfigured I can't tell.

  7. who is that reporter? she's so pretty.

  8. Some say the film is bullcrap the missing camera was found pretty obvious
    Well we all know the ghost is also not joking he knows how to bait you to scare the living shit outta you .
    Its damn simple as playing an all-in poker of death the ghost left it at an easy eying spot the moment you pick the camera means you are willingly to participate a game of " im gonna scare the living shit outta you all-in death poker " game and what most innocently lost thier life was the reporter woman whom scared the living shit tried to flee within terror and end up jumping off the haunted hospital building. atleast pray for her for what was found. Its not fun to play an all-in death poker with a ghost brother

  9. Those things in the videos aren't ghosts, if you capture a ghost with a camera you'll only see a ball of light,this is true,ghost do not disturb people,they're just waiting for judgement day because they can't move on.

    Those things in the hospital are demons and jinns,demons only want one thing,drag you to hell. The female reporter that commited suicide is probably under the influence of the demon, sadly no one was able to help her...the demon succeeded in dragging her to hell.. As for those two guys,they better get treatment fast,there might be things from the hospital that followed them home, especially the guy that puked.

    You guys might say that this is bullshit because it sounded like in the movies,but these things are real trust me