Monday, September 17, 2012

Blackstar Canyon Haunted

Going up the trail of Blackstar Canyon, you begin to hear disembodied voices and strange growls. You are almost towards the end of the trail, when the activity starts to pick up and you hear rustling in bushes. Thinking nothing of the rustling you begin to hike faster and hum until you see a shadowy figure at the end. Startled and panicking, you heart begins to race faster, knowing this canyon has been crowned haunted.

Blackstar Canyon is a remote mountain canyon in mountains of Santa Ana Mountains. Ancient artifacts of Indians have been found in this area, but multiple Indian massacres dating back to a Spanish occupancy took place in this canyon during early 1800s. Strange phenomena has been reported by local hikers and paranormal investigators. Ghostly sightings of Indians roaming the ridges and walking the creek have been spotted, but never confirmed through photographic evidence. Strange gusts of wind during eerie silences while hiking has been experienced as possible paranormal activity of Indians riding on horseback and riding past the physical world. Uncomfortable feelings of being watched and screams have been recorded as well.A dark past for Blackstar Canyon also follows, with kidnappings and beatings that took place outskirts of the canyon.

No Trespassing signs cover some of the trails on the canyon, but the canyon is open to the public to hike. Precaution signs also make their presence, one states " No emergency help will be provided after this point." The seriousness of how no help will be provided once you step over that point. The land is sometimes patrolled by locals who want to give out of townees a hard time, claiming to be trespassing on private land. Just remember the access road to Blackstar Canyon is open to the public to hike and venture. Any threats or personal attacks can be reported.

We have two individuals are traveling towards Blackstar Canyon to capture some intriguing evidence of wither or not Blackstar Canyon is haunted or night. Night is approaching and being a full moon on the day, both these individuals decide to travel. Blackstar Canyon has to be spooky on a full moon. Approaching the gate of the canyon, you can already start to hear the howls of the wind. Entering, they begin to hike a small trail that leads up to a whole lot of bricks that were spread, that had lighting candles around. As if someone was previously there doing a ritual of some sort. They encounter a small figuer woman, who is mysteriously walking up the same hiking trail. She stops right in front of the camera man, looking disgruntled and bewildered asking for her bag. Both camera man and other woman start to get spooked out and decide to start heading back to the car. Almost towards the car, they find the women's bag and discover a small facemask. And that is where the trouble starts.

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