Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Shadow People Corner Of Eye

You are walking around your house, you are getting much of the work done. Until you see from the corner of your eye the shadow or shadow people. Scared and disbelief from what you are seeing, you decide to investigate yourself and get closure online thinking other people must have this same feeling. And yes thousands of people experience these shadow people on the daily bases. While some people are scared to share this experience, many stay curious to why we see certain things that psychically are not there.

Shadow people or shadow orbs are seen at someone's peek energy emitting throughout the house or certain place that holds activity. Though some reports online claim to have seen full body shadow figures, other shadow people are described as small orbs floating.

My encounter with shadow people scared me the first time, I was cleaning around the house, cranking up the tunes. When suddenly I turn quickly around to grab something I forgot and a shadow appeared out of no where, I thought someone had broken into the house.

Shadow people or shadow orbs are described as harmless, they move at such a fast pace. We manage to see their paralleled world with psychical world for a brief moment, thus seeing them corner of our eyes. But in rare cases, demon-like instances have taken place. Where someone might be sick/ill and a shadow spirit might want to posses you temporarily lurking over you.

If you have uneasy feelings about what might be troubling you seeing these types of paranormal activity. Find yourself connected and find peace within yourself. And control any urges to be dark or be hateful. A positive environment is key to a healthy mind and soul.

A image of a shadow figure with a tall hat, taken by a cellphone device.

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