Thursday, September 13, 2012

Colorado Street Bridge Los Angeles, California ( Suicide Bridge )

Built in 1913 and nearing the year 2013 it would be the 100th year anniversary mark of this bridge. Since than over 100 individuals have leaped to death on this bridge. Strange apparitions have been seen driving on the bridge. Hooded figures mainly and dark apparitions flagging down cars while leaping, and one woman in white gown spotted at the end of the bridge.

The bridge before it was complete seemed to been cursed since the beginning. It is said that one of the workers on the bridge had feel over, head first into the wet concrete below. Co-workers thinking he cannot be saved in time, watched his lifeless body lay in the concrete hours before any real help arrived. His ghost haunts this bridge eerily.

Though the bridge was closed 1989 due to the Loma Prieta earthquake that rattled southern California. It took a great time of fixing and federal money to reopen in 1993. Since it's reopening with it's original design suicide rails where also implemented to cease the action of taking ones life.

Two brave individuals ghost hunting adventure towards Colorado Street Bridge managed to get great evp evidence and visuals of the bridge. Nearing towards their end of the day, they managed to climb below the bridge and see above how scary it'd been if someone was to leap off. More evidence that this haunted bridge deserves it's respect.

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