Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Psychics carry many features of telling you what you have going on in your life past,present, and future. Many psychic translators can be cold readers, just going off your emotions of how you react when they mention something similar to your case. Other true psychic are usually hidden from the world and manage to live a life of happiness and prosperity. While psychic that use their powers for gain to help those in need of going through a tough situation or clarity on closure of what happened with a certain someone.

Psychic abilities can be present in each and every one, some may not be aware of the power. Dormant sleepers of the psychic powers have yet to be awaken by something or someone. Other psychic's are born with these powers naturally, having insight of hidden information. In rare instances, psychics can have telekinetic powers using them for unknown reasons. Many psychics have been debunked in the past before, scientists like to pick on certain people and have controlled environments debunking fake psychics.

How can we possibly know we are psychic? Well ask yourself this, have you ever predicted a certain event that was about to happen? Possibly a death in your family? Or a winning that you might foresaw in a dream? Something along those guidelines relates to you in a psychic way. Most of us have not tapped into this power, simply because we do not believe. But believing is the first step into gaining insight into psychic powers.

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  1. Everyone is psychic to some degree, but just how much varies from one individual to the next. There are also a number of different psychic abilities, so it's worth while digging a little deeper to understand each of them and how it may differ from your average fortuneteller at the local fair. You are right in saying that some individuals marketing themselves as 'psychics' are really just cold readers and it's those individuals that give the rest of us in the industry a bad name. Good article - I'd love to see you explore each of the individual psychic abilities next.