Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mysteries Of The Ouija Board

What makes people so curious about the other side of our physical plane, that makes them venture into playing with the Ouiji Board? Some seek the thrill, while other's seek to debunk the Ouija board scientifically. Police report's and personal eyewitnesses report Ouija board holds a supernatural or paranormal feeling thus making it eerie. Groups of teen's and young adults are prone to this activity, making it more intense with candle lighting rituals, chants and sometimes sacrifices of the unknown.

Ouija board channels spirits from the spiritual plane onto the physical, spirits of the good and bad manifest themselves through energy of the planchette ( The instrument that moves on board ) with other people touching it slightly. Once the planchette begins to move the energy between the people comes on the planchette and the spirit uses that energy to answer questions.

Upon discovering several videos on Youtube, we begin to see a group of young adults, asking several questions " What is your name " Lisa has been summoned through the lettering and suddenly the two people moving the planchette see it move by itself to the X. The two mildly react to what just happened and begin to give it another try, and again it happens to move by itself to the X. Leading to believe the camera man who is recording think  the two individual are joking around. But he see's for himself under the table and double checks around for gimmicks and none to be found.

These boards are also portals to other gateways to the unknown, leaving these portals open are prone to paranormal activity inside the house or person's life all around. And it becomes a stressful environment to live in, the scares of hearing things that are not there, the horrors of visualizations of hallucination that people might be present in the house. But the game is still being sold worldwide at stores, with no disclaimers of what dangers what may lie ahead, just in small lettering " Just for entertainment purposes only. "

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