Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Electronic Voice Phenomenon In Recording

Have you ever watched back one of your recordings on voice or video playback and just heard a strange voice you didn't know speak? Wouldn't it freak you out? Many people spend so much time focusing on parts of their lives without considering that they might have someone else present who isn't alive with them. Now with so many reality shows featuring ghost hunting and paranormal activity. It is hard to believe who and who is telling the truth.

But if you have any type if recording device may it be phone, camera, mp3 recorder, cassette recorders, anything that captures recording. Than you must concentrate on what type of  results you want to have, maybe having a quiet time duration of 5-10 minutes, asking questions waiting about 2-3 minutes afterwards. Do not worry if you do not receive results right away. Patience can get the best out of all us and make us quit. If you receive great results share with us.

Another video on youtube, has us rustling in our jammies trying not to get scared. This clip shares multiple people recording different times, receiving lots of results. The matter is serious and cannot be debunked at all. Even scientists have been lead to believe that voices of the other side exist through technology even through our own ears.

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