Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Poltergiest's who are troublesome spirits can cause lots of psychological damage and fear. Poltergiest's manifest knocks, noises, human voices and in some cases petty psychical attacks. Nobody ever believes this type of ghost classification because of numerous pranks and computer graphic like technology we have now. But older tapes before the advanced technology we have now, prove different.

The cause is unknown only few cases have been documented in the world, the most popular notion people believe is demons that manifested through stress liked environments. Depending on the power of the poltergiest may range from blasts of cold air, odd sounds,  foul smells, up to levitation of items and psychical abuse.

Differing opinions about the nature of poltergeists, one thing is for sure they do exist. Whether poltergeists are paranormal entities or psychic forces, they continue to be one of the most popular and interesting paranormal investigation in ancient and recent history. What are they? Nobody knows exactly but it goes into The Mystery Of The Paranormal.

The video of poltergeist video involves a man coming home, finding his dog extremely disturbed under the bed. The man thinks nothing of it, and goes on recording with his camera trying to pull his dog under his bed. The dog later emerges out from the bed only for a brief moment after sensing something isn't right, and goes under the bed again. The man starts to hear strange noises coming from the attic and goes up the attic to investigate, when he investigates the attic he finds nothing that might of made noises. Calmly he goes down the attic stairs, when suddenly he hears another bang. Scared he goes up and sees once again nothing was moved, until a metal barrel weighing about 10-15 pounds moves by itself. Scared to bones he dashes out forgetting his camera upstairs. While the camera is still rolling the light flickers off and another object is thrown to the floor and light is again flickered off and on. Until the camera is moved to a certain spot than the camera runs out of battery.

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