Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Horse Thief Canyon Road Corona, California

Setting out on a spooky haunt, managed to get directions to a road that leads up to a trail. Reports of individuals locally explained the eye burning sensation, dizziness and feeling of being tugged into wooded areas. Where in these wooded areas you see floating apparitions and orbs. Alone and scared, I almost wanted to get out of there quickly. But I managed somehow to grab some courage and at least see for my self what was the hype.

Walking up towards the trail, I hear already crunching noises coming from bushes. Very heavy crunching noises, my first thought might of been wild dogs. But I shined my light onto the specific place where I heard these noises, and found nothing. Trailing up I did feel dizzy and uneasy, a few seconds into resting I heard jogging foot-steps. Jogging of course is rare going up this trail, but without flashlight or group to accompany you. What are you going to think? I am near end of driving myself crazy, I saw nobody jogging towards me.

So uneasy and very distracted, I started heading back to my car with surprises along the way, with black apparitions going vertically fast back and forth. Tried my best to catch some pictures, but only to have my full battery camera drained. Hot spots for paranormal activity feeding off energy from electronic devices to manifest themselves is common. But it didn't stop there the cold bursts of air in the middle of hot summer is what surprised me the most.

Cold spots are known for paranormal activity to be manifesting around you or near your energy position. Sometimes draining your energy to get a sense of comfort, creating zones for ghosts to pass through or manifest for a short period of time. I was certainly spooked and by myself, crazy indeed. But I do want to share this with all of you, going in groups or with another person is key to safety. My night ended horribly without concrete evidence that Horse Thief Canyon Road might be haunted.


  1. Hi, did you start from shotgun trail rd?

  2. been up that road in the middle of the night its spooky dude