Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Real Ghost Girl

A man comes across extreme paranormal activity in his house, and seeks help from occultists outside of his own. Lead the man to believe that automatic-writing is a good idea to confront this spirit in his house, and demand some answers through it. Little did he know what he was going to encounter was going to fuel the spirit that is haunting his house to become violent and progressively more poltergiest like.

The man is writing down several question's on the piece of paper, common questions asking what the spirit wants and what is it doing in the house. Upon doing this something very unexpected happens, a cabinet door begins to swing open back and forth as if possessed, he makes his way into the kitchen where he tells his viewers, this isn't a gimmick. Making sure he passes his hand through the cabinet and debunking fake claims.

Little did he know, when he had left that piece of paper with that pen, the spirit had commenced it's personal agenda to make this man's life a living hell. The man notices scribbling and one word " DIE ". Sends chills down his spine and begins to pan around the room hearing more strange noises, where it cuts off and mysteriously turns off.

Provocation leading to what the man was doing was unbelievable, nobody in the right mind should do what he did. Unless a person of strong-minded like will and spirituality enforces some type of positive reinforcement. Than this would not be a situation you would like to be in.

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