Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Have You Ever Felt Like You Were Being Watched?

You are dark alone in a room, probably feeling alone, anxiety grows over you and you turn quickly to see something that isn't there. You feel it again but this time you feel goosebumps. When we are born into this earth we are born with a good spirit and bad spirit along our sides. You can say they are " Your little angel, Your little devil side." These two spirits are in your life daily and may intervene with special hidden messages. Possibly warning you of this gut enchanting feeling something bad is going to happen, or that moment where you feel your not suppose to do something that isn't right, but you end up doing it cause you felt right.

These beings are called your spiritual guides, your spiritual guide is the image of someone/something that has descended into a spiritual plane. That co-exists between the spiritual plane to help others or to give warnings. They can present themselves in dreams, special moments of someone trying to lift up your spirit. Disguised as humans or sometimes even animals.

But the other form of negativity of spiritual guide, maybe called Shadow people. That lurk in the corner of your eye. Watching you from afar what you are doing wrong, or coming in forms of small dark orbs. Hovering above your head or side of your head, watching your close move. These beings are reminders of the negativity you are about to commit or in the process of doing so. Basically the good and the bad, watch over everyone at times of our lives where we need most.

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