Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery

The Bachelor's Grove Cemetery in Midlothian, IL. It's the end of a scary night boozing and speeding on the highway. A man stops to do his business on the side of the road. When suddenly his car begins to turn off and on mysteriously by itself. He notices the cemetery with several shadows lurking hoping he'd get some help with his car. A bad feeling starts to overcome his body, as he sees black-robed individuals in a occult ritual happening before his eyes. Scared to death he leaves his car behind never to be heard from again, until years later.

Bachelor Grove Cemetery has been prone to also orb activity, orb activity that seemed intelligent. Intelligent enough to drive away physical human beings away from where they were not suppose to be. But in 1991 Ghost Research Society decided to do some research from these tall tales. Taking pictures, recording evidence, they have found one of the most clear images of ghostly presence ever recorded on their team.

The Ghost Research Society decided to take a infrared picture of a checkered waiting gravestone, to have discovered a woman giving a distant gaze into the wild, with her feet almost translucent to the ground. A human-like ghostly figure with womanly hair and a slight hint of her nose but no ears or eyes. It certainly gave me the chills down my spine and almost didn't want to go to sleep once I saw the picture.

The picture Google search provided for us, when we did our research on the woman sitting on the checkered waiting chair. Spooky!

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