Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Are Gnomes Real?

Storytellers all over the world share this famous story of small little men, working deep underground earth mobilizing to make earth function right. Gnomes known as earthmen roam the earth in spite of never being seen by the human eye, moving along living life, sounds like a fantasy right? There has been numerous reports all over the world ranging from Mexico and China to have seen these earthmen roam.

Sounds scary right? With this day of technology advancing with computer graphic's and profound story telling, we managed to review several gnome videos on Youtube that we found interesting. Several men in Argentina are gathering around each other playfully joking, while one man records the joke being played on another man. They hear a strange noise facing the side of where these men where located. One of the men, jokingly begins to scare the camera man filming and tells him "He didn't hear anything." The camera man begins to pan around to make sure nobody else in playing jokes, and figures his group are just rustling around to loudly. When suddenly they see something on the horizon, flashing a light on the object, they notice a pointy hat and a child-like figure moving side to side. The men get scared and begin to scream top of the lung. The image of the gnome being presented seem's so real. That I myself got so scared of the scene.

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