Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Most Haunted Place Visited The Most

Group of friends gathering around you, egging you on " Chicken!! " they yell. You manage to gut up and jump over the cemetery fence, with the rest of your friends behind you. Gathering around a unknown marked gravestone. Looks old and grimy, beginning to get a uneasy feeling, your guts begin to turn and twist. As one of your'e other friends begin to join in on a prank that just screws with your mind. Friends begin to start getting serious, as some of them began to hear unfriendly voices. Spooked out of your mind, you run out of that place without turning back.

Old cemeteries have lots of folklore surround the place of rest for the dead, our night-time is their day-time and our day-time is their night-time, so it goes. Respectfully, do not wish for anybody to just wreck anybodies grave-site just because. Lots of people see cemeteries as a place of resting for the dead, not to mess spiritually or psychically at any time. 

Venturing out at cemeteries during the night, seems to be pretty spooky and eerie. Everything around a cemetery is based off energy. Even if energy is emitted through plants and animal life, this is what creates this peaceful or eerie environment. I took my voice recorder once to a local cemetery near dawn, I sat down under a willow tree and several graves where around. My voice recorder picked up children playing in the background. When children were not present at the time. Results are astonishing and speechless.

With personal result and experience I claim the most haunted place visited the most would be cemeteries.


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