Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Solo Ghost Hunter Ghost Box Session

A young man that goes by the nick name Solo Ghost Hunter visits Hatley Memorial Gardens Cemetery, Victoria B.C. 12am Januarary 29th 2012, He conducts a ghost box session. A popular trend amoung paranormal investigators. Without going much into detail about the ghost box, which we will talk in another post. Conducting several questions, He manages to get intelligent reponses back.

The questions follow ( SGH being the investigator asking questions )

Are there ghosts here? 

Spirits answer Yes

How many people are here?

Spirits answer Guess!?

Is time the same as it is in my plane of existance, once you die is time the same?

Spirits answer Faster.

Does time differ after you leave your body, from the phsyical life?

Spirits answer More Fun.

Spirits shout Paul

SGH reponds and asks if one of the spirits is named Paul

Spirits respond Yes.

Solo Ghost Hunter than proceeds to change frequences to hear better reponses on his ghost box.

SGH asks

Do humans have anything to fear this year, being that it's 2012

Spirits answer shield.

Having previous experience in the ghost box field, this man managed very well in this session. And wanted to get intelligent answers out of his questions. But the questions seemed a far bit revealing than what normal spirits respond too. Many think the static of the am/fm sweep on the radio is what generates segments of radio, manifesting through the ghost box is fake. But many remain unclear to how these ghost boxes manage to answer intelligently controlled questions. Only someone psychically can. 

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